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The Ultimate Desire for Speed

Thrill seeking or sensation seeking is a personality trait of human beings to seek and pursue moments wherein they experience an incredible amount of excitement, intensity and an unexplainable high. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that risk is ignored, most activities tend to ignore one’s own sense of safety and sometimes, it even involves risking your very life. However, it’s a natural phenomenon in many people. There’s always an innate desire for us human beings to seek adventure and renounce all that we know and places where we are comfortable.

Extreme sports, also called action sports, adventure sports or aggro sports, exist for that purpose. These activities or sports involve letting you experience an intense amount of excitement while at the same time, knowing that your safety or your life is at risk. In other words, extreme sports involve an inherent sense of danger but facing it head on to experience thrill, excitement and a sense of euphoria brought about by the adrenaline as our hearts continue pumping as we venture through an action-packed ride. It can involve enormous height, a certain degree of danger, a sense of risking your life, an incredible amount of physical prowess but most importantly, there’s that intense speed.

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Just one of these sports is motorcycle speedway. Though participants get to ride in motorcycles, motorcycle speedway shouldn’t be confused with ordinary motorcycle racing or motocross events. It’s much more than that. In motorcycle speedway, the riders utilize a specialized motorcycle wherein brakes aren’t prominent – that fact alone raises the stakes by increasing the risk in the sport. Conducted in oval-shaped tracks made of dirt, the riders make turns by sliding their machines to the ground, forcing the speed without slowing down one bit. Experiencing speed while also risking yourself falling as you slide your motorcycle to the ground to make that sharp curve, it is an incredible experience for participants.

But in every sport – not just extreme sports – safety should be taken care of. In the case of motorcycle speedway, immense risk is involved due to a number of factors that make up the sport. It isn’t just another sport where you can just ride and go as you like. Motorcycle speedway brings a whole new level of speed and intensity but at the same time, a new level of danger. No matter how good you become, safety shouldn’t be forgotten in these kinds of sports. visit damonbaker for more…